Quilt Bees

In addition to the monthly Guild meetings, several smaller groups, or Bees, meet more frequently. The Bees usually meet in members' homes. Anyone is welcome to attend these, regardless of quilting skill. These informal get togethers are a time for fun, fellowship and sharing of skills and/or new techniques.

If you have any questions or if you would like to contact one of the groups listed, email the Queen Bee Keeper by sending your email to: Bees@charlottequiltersguild.org 

This list is always being updated. If you are a member of one of our quilt bees, please download the Quilting Bee Datasheet and update your information with our Queen Bee. 

See Quilting Bee Guidelines for information of interest for starting or joining a bee.


NEW BEE: OPEN SUN BEES Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Indian Land. Bee Leader Sandy Flaherty 

NEW BEE: FULL THE TEA BEE  Meets on various days at 4:00pm at Ann’s house. Focus is on sharing of quilting matters – projects, questions, ideas – over a cup of tea. Bee Leader Ann Davis

NEW BEE:    OPEN CRAZY QUILTERS  1st Thursday of the month at 6 pm. Meet in member's homes in Mt. Holly.  Do show and Tell; work on own projects.  Focus is on crazy quilting and hanad sewing projects.  Bee Leader: Terry Westover

NEW BEE : UNIVERSITY AREA - Debra Joyce; Evenings, Days TBD; Open

Bits & Pieces, Kathy Petrie, 2nd Wed mornings, Matthews OPEN

CCC- Marta Lukac, varies daytime, Harrisburg, , fun, create, connect OPEN

Material Girlz, Phyllis Tarrant, 2nd Tues evening, member's homes, Matthew/Mint Hill/NE Union Co, OPEN

Ladies of the Lake, Liz Harris, last Thur afternoon, Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville, Open, show & tell, do fabric art, modern (not traditional) OPEN

 The "Queen" Bees, Karen Ernest, 2nd Mon morning 10-2, South Charlotte, social, work on own projects, bring lunch  FULL

Sew & Sew, Mary Quartapella, 1st & 3rd  Mondays, early evening Charlotte House, Providence & Queens, social, show & tell, acts of kindness, work on own projects  OPEN

WOW - Phyllis Tarrant, 3re Monday evening, member's home, OPEN Membership is Selective as they are Art group

Lake Wylie Bee Hive, Maureen Lange, 2nd & 4th Wed afternoon, Lake Wylie area, social    FULL

Creative Connections, Phyllis Ferguson, 3rd Mon, evenings, Cotswold area, social show & tell, share ideas & help each other  FULL

Quilt & Sip, Kay Herold, 2nd Tues & 4th Thur evenings, South Charlotte, social    FULL

The Grateful Threads, Diane Kent, 3rd Wednesday 11-3 in members' homes   FULL

Southeast Charlotte Bees - Lead Bee Keepers: Jan Simmons & Anne Murray-Randolph; 1st & 3rd Mondays from 7-9 pm; Southeast Charlotte and Tega Cay; Social and sewing; OPEN