Community Outreach  

Outreach is how the Charlotte Quilters Guild gives back to the community.
We make cuddle quilts which go to children and comfort quilts which are bigger and are given to adults.  Quilts can be a group effort or individual.  We  make quilts in Red, White and Blue which are given to wounded soldiers.    We also donate to the breast cancer unit and  the VA hospital.  

Each guild member is asked to make 2 quilts a year. 
There are three ways to do this:

1) Make a quilt entirely on your own and turn it in at a guild meeting.
2) Make a kit provided by the Outreach committee.  
3) Come to our Outreach Stitch In on the Third Monday of each Month at
     Quilt Patch Fabrics in Stallings, NC.

We encourage new members and beginning quilters to participate in this worthwhile effort. If you have questions please stop by the Outreach table at our next Guild meeting.

For more information on all these projects, visit the "Outreach Projects" page.
NICU Cuddle Quilts                  36-40" W      36-42" L 
Peds Unit Cuddle Quilts             36-40  W      45-48" L
Cancer Comfort Quilts              40-42"  W      48-50" L
Quilts for Soldiers                     55-60" W       65"  L
Fidget Quilts                             12-18" W      20-24 L 

Suggested turnaround 2-3 months

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I'm a beginning quilter, what if my work isn't good enough?
   Our kits are designed with you in mind.  The piecing is simple, we ask only that you do your best work, it doesn't have to be perfect.

2) What size quilt should I make? 
    There are no size limits for cuddle quilts.  For Comfort Quilts and Quilts for Soldiers we ask they are a minimum of 50" X 60".

3) If I take a kit from the guild meeting, how long do I  have to finish it? 
    We would like it returned the next month, if  possible. If not, no problem, take as long as you need.

4) What kind of quilting is required for these? 
    We are not picky about quilting.  We have lots of tops that need quilting.  If you are beginning to learn machine quilting, we are happy for you to practice on our quilts. You can stipple, stitch diagonal lines, or use   a  design with a motif.

 5) I don't do quilting.  Is it okay if I take a kit and only do the piecing?
     Yes, just return it to us and we will find someone to do the quilting.

6) Do I have to hand stitch the binding?  
   No, if you like to do a French double fold binding, but prefer to machine stitch, that is fine with us.  
   You can use a straight stitch, a small zig zag, or a small decorative stitch.  Please use a thread color that matches the color of the binding.

  Questions?  Contact our Outreach Co-Chairs at, to volunteer:

See photos for some of the quilts we donated.