Charlotte Quilters' Guild History

In January of 1977, Sue McCarter taught an advanced class in quilting to seven women who decided to continue to quilt together. In April 1977, they were chartered through NQA and called themselves the Charlotte Quilters' Guild. They collected no dues nor had a budget, but they did hold non-judged quilt exhibits for several years. In 1979, the Guild agreed to host the second NC Quilt Symposium and advertised to encourage other quilters in the area to join their group. The organization was rechartered as a non-profit organization, adopted by-laws and budgets, and began judged quilt shows and grew into the Charlotte Quilters' Guild we know today.

We salute all members of the Charlotte Quilters' Guild, past and present. We thank everyone for the dedication of past years and look forward to many more years of friendship and commitment to the promotion of quilting. We pray for God's sustained blessing on this organization so that we may continue to help the Charlotte community through education and outreach.